We Are
Penn State.

Our brand is the essence of who we are and everything we do to fulfill our mission of research, education, and service.

This brand toolkit will help University communicators understand how to position our brand in ways that build understanding of our unique qualities and help drive recognition and support for the University among key audiences, from prospective faculty, staff, and students to Pennsylvania voters, media, and our many alumni who serve as our greatest word-of-mouth champions.

Dear Communicators,

The learnings and insights presented in this toolkit resulted from a process that involved extensive stakeholder input, coupled with rigorous quantitative and qualitative research. This was important given the complexity of Penn State’s 24-campus educational model, plus World Campus, our land-grant mission, our globe-spanning research enterprise, and the unparalleled size and strength of our alumni community.

The size and complexity of Penn State require a communications roadmap to simplify, frame, make relevant, and unify our collective storytelling through a combination of messaging, tone, visuals, and framework. We start from a strong position, as a sought-after university recognized for outstanding educational quality and passionate alumni.

But the ways in which our research, education, and service enrich humanity through local and global impact are less well known and understood. Your support for this effort, and continued contributions, will help change that. Now, let’s get started!