Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is a powerful tool that allows us to connect the many entities within our University in a clear, logical manner. We achieve this by creating a system for entities that use our mark, as shown here. These entity marks include our campuses, colleges, administrative/academic units, institutes, departments, and areas of expertise.

Brand Architecture //

Tier 1

This is our primary University mark. This tier 1 mark is the overarching entity to which all other entities are connected.

Brand Architecture //

Tier 2

Tier 2 marks include entities such as all campuses, all colleges, and approved administrative/academic units

NOTE: When the Penn State logotype has an entity name below it, the logotype moves toward the top of the shield. This is done to maintain a visual balance between the shield and logotype. The same University mark principles on color use, clear space, minimum size, etc., apply to our entity marks, as well.

NOTE: Never redraw or try to recreate any of our entity marks, including our shield or our logotype. Any modification of our mark diminishes its impact and weakens our legal protection. Only authorized artwork may be used.

Brand Architecture //

Tiers 3 and 4

Tier 3 and 4 marks include entities within our campuses, colleges, and approved administrative/academic units such as schools, departments, institutes, centers, programs and laboratories



NOTE: Individual unit logos generally are not permissible. A distinctive “look” for communications may be achieved through the consistent use of color, design, and photographic style. Units should not develop any special symbols or wordmarks as a graphic identifier. All marks must first be approved by contacting the Visual Identity Office within the Office of Strategic Communications at

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