How We Sound

While it’s important to focus on messaging, equally important is how our communications sound. Every story, website, ad, brochure, social media post, press release, video, and so on should all feel like they share the same Penn State voice.

How We Sound //

Voice and Tone

Our personality and tone is what sets us apart from the crowd and makes us, “us.”

So what does that sound like? Keep these tone words in mind as you craft your messages:


We are who we are and we don’t put on airs. We’re confident, but never boastful. We speak our truths.


The opportunities in front of us? We’re psyched to take them on. The people we work with? We cheer when they succeed. We embrace positivity, always searching for a way to make good things happen.


We’re not content to sit on the sidelines and do nothing; we roll up our sleeves and jump in.

lion mascot at THON
How We Sound //

How We Express Ourselves

All these traits should shine through when we express ourselves in our voice.

We use clear language. Not too fancy. We take big ideas and complex science and make it shareable.

We embrace our playfulness.

We are not afraid to be witty.

We are proud to shout: We are Penn State.

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