Geometric elements feature bold and graphical designs, influenced by Penn State architectural and structural details. Based on your design choices (including transparency, blend modes, and positioning), you can use these elements for a variety of moods and audiences.

1 Geometrics //

HUB and Expanded HUB

Inspired by architectural details like the ceiling of the HUB-Robeson Center at University Park, the HUB and Expanded HUB elements add sophistication and character to designs and photos. The HUB and Expanded HUB geometrics embrace the structural strength of a simple triangle pattern and honor the University’s foundations.

Creative References //
Limestone geometric design - white outline representing limestones brick on top of a light blue background
2 Geometrics //


As an abundant mineral resource in Pennsylvania, limestone is an important historical element found throughout Penn State—from the construction of campus buildings to signs across the Commonwealth. The Limestone geometric reflects Penn State’s strong foundation in communities across Pennsylvania.

Creative References //
Girl in hat looking at her books in library
Girl wearing blue shirt and safety glasses in laboratory
Purpose Agility and Opportunity as parts of the Penn State vision
Nittany Lion Shrine with blue color overlay
Carved lion head statue on the University Park campus