Templates are a quick and easy way to maintain brand consistency in your PowerPoint presentations, videos, and social media posts. These tools take the guesswork out of proper logo placement while saving you time with pre-added design features. Templates will continue to be added for your use.

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A variety of PowerPoint templates are available to meet your internal and external presentation needs. Templates are available in multiple designs and leverage graphic elements to keep our brand consistent. Be sure to choose the template that best matches the content and audience of your presentation.

examples of the video template
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The release of the Classic Video Template, version three, represents a significant simplification of the User Interface and new advanced features. This includes an easier way to select your animated campus or college mark, new color options, and responsive text on the slate and lower third templates–automatically sizing and spacing as the text content changes.

Social background example with white shield outline over a filtered teal background
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Social Backgrounds

As our first social-specific brand element, Social Backgrounds provide an easy way for you to incorporate visual brand consistency into your posts. All backgrounds are provided in widescreen, square, and vertical aspect ratios with and without the Community Shield design.