Graphic Patterns

Graphic patterns act as a secondary layering technique to add texture and depth, and they should always be used subtly even on bold designs.

1Graphic Patterns //


Points are a flexible, simple pattern derived from the dotted lines of the Community Shield. Points can add depth and interest when layered with our other brand elements. Because of the suggested subtle application of this element, the Points pattern works well for casual designs. Based on your design choices, Points can be used for a variety of audiences.

2Graphic Patterns //


H33 is a herringbone pattern inspired by the 33-degree angle in the lower portion of the Penn State shield. The H33 pattern evokes a collegiate tone, and the fiber-like quality symbolizes our community of Penn Staters woven together. H33 works well in formal designs, and the pattern is flexible enough to be used as a background texture or as an accent on marketing materials.

3Graphic Patterns //


Based on the connecting lines found in the Community Shield, the Lines pattern can add energy and visual interest to a design. Like Points, Lines play well with our other brand elements and can be layered to add depth. The straight lines of this pattern work well for formal designs. Based on your design choices, Lines are flexible enough to be used for various audiences.

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