Brand Gallery

The Brand Gallery includes a number of examples across media and audiences that illustrate on-brand communications with regard to both messaging (editorial) and design. These examples demonstrate that brand messages and design can be tailored to serve the purposes of your college, campus, or whatever need you have.

Brand Storybook

The Brand Storybook is the living, breathing example of our brand. It’s used as a vehicle to collect stories about Penn Staters who exemplify the inspired doer positioning.


  • Inspired Doers—All the Storybook stories feature hard-working, passionate Penn Staters, whether they’re overcoming challenges, landing high-powered jobs, or solving difficult research questions.
  • Personality—Through this collection of stories, all four elements of Penn State’s personality shine through: excellence, innovation, passion, and collaboration.
  • Brand Differentiators—The Storybook brings to life Penn Staters putting their heads and hearts together to overcome challenges, follow their passions, and to make an impact in the world.


  • Each story panel prioritizes a high-quality, full-bleed photograph with a gradient overlay of color and texture that highlights the inspired doer in the photo.
  • The tiered content approach tells the story, beginning with the prominent, attention-grabbing headline and two additional paragraphs that unfold the story below.
  • The dark band across the bottom anchors the visual field and serves as a place to feature secondary information that reinforces brand and messaging.